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Introducing My First Song; "If My Boss Hears" (9/29/20)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The inspiration of this track comes from the frightening, yet exhilarating feeling of if my boss hears this song. How would you expect everyone to react? Is your boss and your office the community that you would like to discover your work? The realization that outside of work you have a passion that builds your attention to detail, writing, vocabulary, and creativity? How would you handle that frenzy?

Produced by Stoic Beats, this is a groovy, cruising track that is designed to get you bobbing your head. The combination of water sounds, with the up-tempo rhythm of the high hats, gives the song a very warm feeling.

I have been sitting on this song for a long time, and what better option for a launch than the song that talks about all the what-ifs! Those what-ifs gave me a great opportunity to show off my imagination, and what I consider to be my biggest strength as a lyricist. Making my what-ifs a potential reality.

After the release, I will go into detail about my promotion plan, my budget, and ultimately the results of what went well, and what flopped. The goal of this website is to eventually give people a blueprint of how to jump a career and will provide a trail of evidence to my capabilities as a potential future manager, label exec, etc.

Links to the song can be found at the top of the page, and various spots throughout the website.

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