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Meet the Roster

Throughout the process of putting this mixtape together, I have learned an incredible amount about music. The help and support from everyone has all fueled my motivation to pursue this. Plenty of people have helped me out with the project, but I am going to highlight the people who have directly contributed to producing and mixing this project.


Stoic Beats

Stoic recently moved from the NY area to LA full time to pursue his music career. Less than a year ago he completed nursing school and decided to say fuck it and make music instead. Stoic produces beats on Youtube, and his channel has 45k subscribers and earned almost 11 million plays total.

Stoic's range and versatility in his beats make his music so fun to work with.

Songs produced:

3) Send to Vegas

4) If My Boss Hears

5) Mr Postman

6) Timing

10) Embers

Stoic's socials:

Eery Skies

Eery is a 20yr old kid from Maryland, making beats while attending school. He has 50k+ subscribers and specializes in moody, calm vibes on the guitar and piano. Has voluntarily listened to rough drafts of the music and given his opinion. Super nice guy

Eery's links:

Songs produced:

6) Hoo Kairs


15-year-old producer from Norway, been making beats since he was 13. That says it all. Insane.


9) Megan Markle

Just Dan Socials:

GC Beats

200k+ subscribers on youtube. Known for more lo-fi beats, but also produces Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Alternative genres. Most recently had his beat used on Kota the Friend's song "Pomegranate" off his most recent project "Lyrics to Go Volume II".


11) Colors and Shapes


Nathan Speiser

22-year-old producer, an engineer living in LA. 40k+ subscribers. Nathan is relatively new to producing as well.Nathan's style ranges from smooth to rrap, to melodic.


2)Midnight in Paris Part 1


21-year-old producer with 24k+ subscribers on youtube. He too ranges in a variety of styles. One of his beats has come to life in a Cole Bennett music video: What to do - By Danny Towers.

Pilot frequently collaborates with Eery, and Stoic Beats as well. The 3 of them are part of a group called OddStatus, which is a collective of producers who are trying to push the boundaries of hip hop. They will be fun to watch


7) Periscopes


"What to do" - Danny Towers


Dolapo Inc

Dolapo is a mixer/producer in Tampa Bay. I was referred to him through Stoic, and Dolapo mixed 7 songs total on this project for me.

"I’m a Yahuah fearing musician from Tampa, FL. I’ve been making music since I was 9 yrs old but just recently started to fully devote my music towards The Most High and the good news of his kingdom. One of my gifts is helping people and I use music as one of the avenues to help. Whether I’m mixing to bring someones vision to life, or production to provide a music landscape, or writing to help increase or endurance of faith; my goal is always to help. All praise to the Father for using me as a vessel for his work. Shalom"

Dolapo's socials:

Aneesh Jain

Aneesh is a DJ, artist, and business professional. Aneesh and I went to school together. He executive produced the song "Periscopes". He does not feature his work online, the only way you can listen to his work is live in set. Aneesh plays for local bars and events around the Cincinnati area.


7) Periscopes

Lou Aranda

Lou is a musical artist producing experimental, vibey music, and has a vast variety of styles. He has goals to start releasing more vocal based music in the future, and it would be an insult to try to categorize his work.


  1. Steady

  2. Midnight in Paris Pt 1

  3. Send to Vegas

Lou's socials:


Juss Law


8) Hoo Kairs

12) Boss Hears Remix

Coming out of Tacoma, WA this man has helped me so much with my flows and energy on the mic. Hip Hop is home, but Juss Law can hop on virtually any genre. Juss wants his message to be clean so the message can be heard by as many people as possible.

He wraps up his mindset perfectly with this quote:

"If you feel that your passion is in something, do that. Even if it's a hobby at first. Hone your craft and listen to sound advice but never let anyone get in the way of what you create"

Shaina Jones


7) Periscopes

Shaina is a vocalist from Chicago, who appears on the Hook of "Periscopes". From Chicago, Shaina is also involved in administrative support for other artists at Havas Talent Agency. Shaina has spoken on WGN, performed internationally, and instructs over 1000 youth in conflict resolution skills.

Cover Art - Damien Baez

Damien is a visual artist and educator who ranges in work with photography, motion design, and more. He has worked with musicians, summer camps, non-profits, public and private companies, and civil liberty groups.

Posters, animations, illustrations, you name it, Damien can tackle it.

Thank you to everyone who read through this and has supported us along the way. I really want us to be a team effort. This is just the start.

Perisopes - March 17

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