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My Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and How Sharing Will Help Future Artists

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Before I start, I just want to say I am not an expert with EPK's. I am still trying to learn, but here are my thoughts on how I'm trying to network.

EPK Definition

An EPK is basically an online resume for musicians to share with others in the music industry. Artists send EPK's to apply for features, venues, blogs, festivals etc.

You can go research and see current EPK's that are mostly created by their large labels. There are plenty of websites who offer EPK services for price. But I would love to able to see how these artists have improved their messaging and branding over the years.

If Only

The idea of being able to go to a mainstream artists' website and see their catalog of previous EPK's is pure gold. My marketing manager Destin Theus and I were talking about this the other day. From an artist's perspective, it would be an incredible way to see how they improved their messaging and confidence over the years. Show the true journey of their craft.

But FOR FANS, it would be a time capsule. The day 1 fans would be able to go back and see the rush of how they saw that artist at the local bar on a Tuesday night. How they shook hands, expressed determination, and their eagerness to earn your respect would be beautiful. All to see their journey come full circle, and see the success today.

I mean think about it. As a community we gravitate to nostalgia anyways. Remising on old pictures, laughing at our styles, our interests. To one day go year over year and see the progression of identity as an artist evolved would bring that same joy as a comic book


There are plenty of website builders and different plans to each site. If you don't care about extra features or customizing a domain name, they can be pretty cheap.

The goal of my EPK was to announce to the industry professionals that I mean business. I want them to know if I am willing to put care into exclusive content, just imagine the work that goes into the music.

Screen recording of my EPK

There are a few main elements that every EPK should have.

  1. Eye grabbing visuals with clear, professional photographs. Nobody will know when you took a picture. A good photoshoot can give you 6-12 months of promo.

  2. Creative ways of showing your work. Share your work while also sharing who you are

  3. Press kit - A compilation of all the articles, interviews, placements, performances that you have earned. Establish credibility

  4. Downloadable content. You want other bloggers, venues, artists to be able to download your visuals so they can use that same material to promote what they are doing for you!

  5. Contact info. This is a private site, so maybe you would like to put your cell down. Up to you!

The most work will be building out the site at the beginning. Once you have a foundation to your EPK, you can mix and match to fit the branding of your projects

My plan moving forward

When the time is right and after this upcoming project has marinated I will release the full EPK to the public. As we continue to build, there will always be a spot on my website to see where we started. A time capsule for us, and a blueprint for artists to come.

All Love,


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