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2nd Week Update! Plus a new single!

First off New Single is out!: "Send to Vegas" - Produced by Stoic Beats, Mixed by Lou Aranda.

Plays: (As of Midnight 10/15)

"Send to Vegas" Plays within 24 hours:

Spotify: 769 plays

Soundcloud: 364

Apple Music: 3

Youtube: 23

"If My Boss Hears" 2nd-week update:

Spotify: 2454

Soundcloud: 2050

Apple Music: 14

Youtube: 206

In Total:

Spotify: 3223


Apple Music: 17

Youtube: 229

Also I have my first non-binary fan hahah!

Strategies/ How I Have Continued to Invest:


Forgot to mention last week I invested in a youtube underground scout so to speak who evaluates new talent, and has a creative youtube channel as well. I spent $30 for him to listen to "If My Boss Hears" in front of an audience of roughly 2000 live listeners. He did not love the song, but thought it was relatable, and stuck to a unique and consistent topic.

From looking into his fan base, I believe a majority of his listeners are below the age of 18 (15-17yr olds). I would consider this slightly below my targeted audience. This investment did not generate any new fans, but I do not care. All that matters is if this man likes my music. Patrick CC has close ties to rappers/groups such as Internet Money, 99 Neighbors, Aries, and plenty of budding artists. If he likes my music, he can connect me to anyone, including local labels. I will be trying this with about half the songs I release.


Made it onto the "Next Level Flames" and "NLS - New Wave" playlists. I paid $30 for 2 week promotions. This should've gone up last week, but this guy was late uploading the song and enjoyed the song. I was able to stretch the playlist submission to 5 weeks.

5 weeks of promotion on two playlists who have a combined 10,000 followers for $30? EAAASY yes

PT Beats continues to push me on his playlists for free, and his playlists have generated over 550 plays for me total. This is much more than I expected, and proves that spotify playlist submissions are very hit or miss.

Spotify pitches:

What I did:

Now that I have submitted music, I am eligible to "pitch" my song to Spotify for future releases. Basically, I am able to fill out more info about the meaning of the song, tell them what city I would like them to target, and depending on how they perceive the song's success I could be thrown onto the Release radar for random listeners.

As of now, only my followers on Spotify will see my song pop up on their release radar. I believe these pitches are more successful the earlier you submit them to the release date. I submit mine 6 days before release, and most blogs recommend submitting a week prior. The earlier you submit the song to be "pitched", the more Spotify believes you take your music seriously.

Hip Hop Twitter Promotions:

I have negotiated deals with a half dozen or so hip-hop Twitter influencers. If they like my music, in return they will offer a discount on their services. The plays definitely improve with their promotions, as I can see an immediate jump in plays after their post.

I am struggling determining two things:

1) How one promoter can charge more than another account when their followers and comments/likes being similar size. Have they identified how many of their followers are true fans, and how many are bots?

2) From these services I expected the number of monthly listeners on Spotify to increase. Despite investing in multiple promotions, and connecting with some of my networks, I only have 137 unique monthly listeners. Spotify identifies a monthly listener as a unique listener who visits my Spotify page, and if you listen to a song more than once, you are still counted as one unique listener.

So as of today I have roughly 3000 plays, but only 137 number of unique listeners. Is it possible this community of influencers just shares the music with eachother, and rack up plays to prove their services are essential? Potentially. Although their normal tweets do get a lot of activity, there is no way for me to prove this without seeing their engagement stats on twitter. I only have access to my own tweets.

Over the next week im really going to have to look at some of this closely. I am suspicious that some of these people are boosting streams. Last night at one point there were 120 people listening to my music.

What are the odds 87% of the people who have regularly listened to the music are listening at the same time?? Maybe the site glitched when I check, or some of these influencers find ways to boost streams.

Thank you all for listening! Just want to make sure all of this is authentic.

Moving forward:

1) I will submit all future releases to Spotify at least one week prior to release.

2) I am going to make more of an effort to find authentic playlists

3) Continue to evaluate how these promoters claim they get their clients plays

More analysis & industry related articles coming this weekend.

Thanks gang - EE

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